Success Stories

We love it when our practice members express some of their growth within our office. Here are some recent testimonials:

I have always been overtly honest with anyone entering my life. So when I am asked how I feel since my first (entrainment), the resulting answer is grateful. The last two years of my life have been very traumatic and Sea Change and Deborah Musso have been eye opening. I have reconnected to my body and began to listen to what it was so desperately trying to tell me. I had ignored it for so long and am finally learning that I must be good to it. When my body speaks, I listen. Through NSA, diet, exercise, and a great sense of mental clarity. I am feeling free and comfortable, light and happy, and peaceful. Thanks Debby for your love and support. ~ Nadia Dickinson

My digestion, posture, and years of annoying mid-section tension seems to have been alleviated. Going to the gym has become easier, and even my eating habits have changed for the better. ~P. Marino

Each week I noticed significant changes in the fullness of my breath, not only in the session but during the week as well.  I have much more specific notions about what my body needs right now. Rather than just feeling fatigue,  I feel exactly which stretch I need to refocus. . . Incredible increase in ridiculous happiness. I find myself smiling more as I go through each day-even on a jam packed subway! ~ E. Murphy

I have been receiving NSA care for more than 10 years and feel that it is the #1 reason for my state of wellness! NSA keeps me connected to how I feel and allows me to maintain the highest levels of health and well being. I view NSA as preventative healthcare and I follow a regular maintenance plan using the protocol as consistent exercise for my body, mind and spirit. When I receive consistent NSA entrainments, I am at my peak performance in my work, my relationships with others and most importantly with myself. NSA has also helped me to overcome the serious issues of a persistent colitis condition, lifelong struggle with weight management and an active busy lifestyle overtaxed with stress. ~ Carol I.

“To say that Dr. Deborah Musso and her team at Sea Change New York have transformed the quality of my life is no exaggeration. Having covered an extremely wide range of health and medical issues for ABC News, I thought that I’d seen everything in the field of health and wellness. I was wrong. The work I’ve encountered — and personally experienced! — at Sea Change New York has brought me relief from extreme stress, and has also brought me greater mobility and strength (physical and emotional) and simply greater joy! I’ve been recommending Dr. Musso’s work to all of my friends, and I will continue to do so!”~ Tom Martin

In a time when I’ve been surrounded by people getting sick, I have stayed healthier. I have been able to focus more creatively as well.  My body has had more strength overall.  Besides the focus and strength, I have noticed being more in tune with my energy and emotions. ~ Rob N

I have felt a greater sense of well-being. A deeper conviction to my inner voice and the resultant resolve to create a purposeful life.  My response time to actions and decision making have been more subtle, free-flowing, and at times, wonderfully spontaneous, greater stamina, continuing focus, more openness and availability/flexibility, especially with the kinesthetic work that I undertake. ~ Roberto C.

Since I started entrainment, I have had just one cold. Although, previously, I would contract very few colds a year, it is nevertheless an improvement.  I feel an increase in flexibility and a greater general sense of well-being.  I have noticed a definite decrease in anxiety over my job. As a teacher, I would find aspects of the job highly stressful. Now, things that I used to dread scarcely disturb me. ~ Arnold E

I was injured in a fall at my work in 1992. I slipped on rainwater in the lobby on a marble floor. Two doctors told me that my only chance to walk again was to be operated on.  Since my treatments with Dr. Musso, I have fully recovered.  The doctor who recommended the operation called it a miracle.  The miracle is network chiropractic. I am able to pursue my career as a musical director of a small school in the east village and my performance schedule as a professional drummer in NY.  I am completely grateful to Dr. Musso for her services and would not hesitate to recommend Sea Change New York. ~ Paula S.

I feel more in tune with my body, my mind, and spirit, and how they work or can work together. Feelings, thoughts, emotions, have come up that have made me think about my role in my own healing. I feel guided but very much like I am doing the work. Other medical experiences I’ve felt powerless. I feel I have a very strong role in my own growth and well being. ~ Christine N.

Incredible changes. I reconnected with my wisdom so that I was able to identify work that is a passion and I have the strategies to pursue it confidently. I sleep better and have remarkably less stress, tension, and anxiety. I am clearer in my thoughts and intentions and interact more lovingly.  I quickly became aware of the onset of stress psychologically and am able to shift my focus within my body to dissipate it. I have a greater range of motion in area where I previously held emotions/tension. I am highly aware of how situations have the potential to internalize.  I feel my life force/energy flowing freely throughout my entire body, resulting in optimal performance and connections in all areas of my life. I feel consistently full of vitality and my high level of care supports an incredibly powerful immune system. ~ Katie G.