NewYou Tips

Tips: Maximize Weight-Loss

For those NewYou patients who are not satisfied losing half a pound to one pound per day, and want to lose 2 or 3 pounds daily, here are a few metabolism-raising tips that will help you maximize your weight loss results.

1.Take a multivitamin. Pharmacy grade products with no sugars, fats or fillers

2.Drink plenty of water and teas to keep the system running at its best.

3.Exercise- it doesn’t need to be an hour at the gym, but simple walking routines, yoga, and 15-minute activities will raise the heart rate throughout the day, increasing your metabolism and your weight loss.

4.If you are an emotional eater, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) will do wonders for changing behaviors and retraining your eating habits with little effort.

5.Take a daily Probiotic. It’s friendly bacteria that everyone can benefit from. Probiotics stimulate the metabolism and improves digestion.

6.Add the right supplements-alkalizing drops for your water, vegetable supplements (Super Green is great!)

7.Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Take one tablespoon 3 times a day. Use as your vinegar of choice in salads and cooking.  This stimulates the metabolism and cleansing of the internal organs. It also helps release stored fat cells.

8.Drink Green Tea.  Drink a minimum of one cup per day.  Organic green tea stimulates cleansing of the cells, helps regulate hunger and increase your metabolism

9.Make sure you get the recommended 30 grams of fiber a day through high fiber foods on our menu plan.

Tips: Staying on the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)

Particularly in the beginning, some may find it challenging to abide by the NewYou diet plans strict guidelines. Here are a few tips suggested by fellow participants who have successfully completed their program:

1.  Find a picture of you when you where at you most fit and best weight, or find a picture of someone who is at their personal best and put it on your refrigerator for daily inspiration.

2. Vitamins have a surprising effect on the appetite: Include a digestive enzyme at breakfast.

3. NSA is useful for emotional eaters, including “bored eaters or stress related eating.”

4. No artificial Sweeteners. Do not consume foods that contain NutraSweet, Splenda, Apartame, Sucrolos, or Saccrin. They all adversely affect the hypothalamus and help create obesity. If you need to use a sweetener, choose stevia as your first option. This is an all-natural herb, which helps regulate blood sugar and stimulate weight loss.

5. Try yoga, and meditation. This tends to take your focus in places other than the refrigerator.

6. Exercise. While the NewYou2011 protocol does not require you to exercise, most dieters find their bodies crave healthier foods and less calories as their body’s needs change and adjust to a higher metabolism. So start reinforcing the health lifestyle habits now.

7. Add more teas to your diet. Teas cleanse the body and increase your metabolism.

8.Colonics – many dieters report positive effects from colon cleansing, including an immediate weight loss of up to 10 lbs!

9.Do not do this alone. Do it with a friend or group or choose Dr. Musso’s doctor supervised option with unlimited group and one-on-one support, focus and inspiration is a favorite choice for many.


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