NewYou Success Stories

a??NewYou 2011 has definitely been my answer to never again having to have a??Lose weighta?? on my New Year’s Resolution list! Thanks, Dr Deb!! I was cranking along great when I first started the program and lost an astounding 11 pounds in 9 days. The changes were very noticeable especially in my problem spots. SWEET!! As you know, a tragedy occurred in our lives and then my husband and IA A A took off on a quick 5-days to Alaska.

a??a?|lost an astounding 11 pounds in 9 days!a??

Needless to say, I didn’t stick to my diet for 10 days. When I stepped back on the scales, I was shocked to see that I had only gained back 2 of the 11 pounds that I lost. AWESOME!! That’s NEVER happened for me before! I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was because of the HCG which was already making my metabolism work better and hence why I only put back on 2 pounds. I’m back on track and feeling GREAT! The next 30 pounds will be a breeze. Thanks, again and again, for sharing NewYou 2011 with me and for being my support and cheerleader along the way!a??a??A Barbara Eaton

A Since working with Dr. Musso and specifically the HCG diet, I have lost 18lbs. I feel stronger, have more energy, and enjoy my body again. As a performer, it is important to me that I maintain a healthy weight and the HCG diet helped me do that. The diet is easy, simple and provides a great structure. I really appreciate the fact that the diet has a specific time-frame to adhere to, which then allows for more healthy eating habits to be considered for the long run. I have completed phase one of my goal and will repeat the HCG diet when I am ready. Best to all those making this wonderful change in their lives!!!!a?? Carrie H.

In April 2009 Dr. Deborah Musso told me about the weight lose a??curea?? protocol and I excitedly began the program after witnessing her success. I did not have a lot of weight to lose, however in the past each 5-lbs I would take off consistently came back when I began eating again- and it would come back in the abdomen, hips and thighs regions.A I am in my early 60a??s, a super healthy woman, wellness educator, making healthy choices since my 20a??s. With all I know nutritionally this is the first protocol I have experienced that has kept the weight off and adds to the high level of wellness I demand to experience in my lifetime.A a??Ginny Nadler, CEO, Core Body Wisdom

I have been a binge eater and dieter my entire life- up and downa?|Last March Dr. Deb put me on her NewYou protocol and I lost 40 lbs in 30 days, now that is amazing, my energy is up, I am back in my life and the best yet, 1 year later, I have kept it off!A Added bonus, my cola habit it gone too, havena??t touched it or wanted too since I began the protocol.A A a?? Dr. Deb a?? Eric F.

a??I was overweight my entire life with very little self-esteem and never thought I could regain my health and normal weight. I took a chance with the HCG diet and now I cana??t tell you how different my life is one-year after losing over 85 pounds. My health is so much better and my cholesterol is normal now. I recommend this program to everyone I know. It was a life-saver for me.a??a??A Barbara B.

a??I wouldna??t believe it if it hadna??t happened to me. I just lost 52 pounds in 43 days doing the HCG diet. I have never in my life had results like that. I just ordered 2 more kits for my parents and they cana??t wait to get started.a??A a??A Chris M.



a??I’ve lost 68 pounds in 2 months. I was really skeptical in the beginning. In fact, I almost cheated on the diet, the first day. Instead, I turned to support from my wellness coach, Dr. Musso with her weekly coaching calls and email support and they reminded me I would be half way to my goal next month if I just stuck with it. I did, and I was! The following month, I lost more than the first and surpassed my 60-pound goal. I’m now in a size 6. I don’t have loose skin or sagging or anything like that, which I had expected. My appetite has changed and now Dr. Musso is coaching me on success strategies for eating healthy as a lifestyle! With her support and this program, I know I will never again be overweight.A A A A Thanks, Dr. Deb!a??a??A Christine A

a??I wanted to write about the effects of the NewYou2011 oral hCG on my lipid panel. After only two weeks of the NewYou2011 Protocol & solutions my numbers are as follows: cholesterol 166(from219); trigycerides 78(from98); HDL 52(from 57); and LDL 98(from 142). I feel lighter; have no joint pain, more energy. For anyone struggling with weight issues, this is the safest & healthiest route. I also enjoy the NSA Care and support which is helping me to make some emotional/mental adjustments & face some issues in my life. I thank you for my improved state of being & health.a?? a??Beth Moran, ARNP a?? Integrated WellnessA