NewYou Friendly Products

We have compiled a list of hCG-friendly beauty and personal care products for use with the NewYou protocol and are continually researching new products to make it easy for you. We have included a basic list of shampoos, soaps, and lotion options, as well as companies that offer organic and/or all natural cosmetics and beauty products. Please note that some products may not be safe for all hCG protocols. Be sure to check ingredients according to our NewYou specific recommendations.

While organic products generally lead to maximum weight loss results, our NewYou protocol only prohibits products with fat (e.g., lanolin based lotions) and oil (e.g., oil based cosmetics) to avoid weight gain through absorption by the body.

In contrast, Kevin Trudeau’s protocol, The Weight Loss Cure, suggests organic products cleanse the body while helping dieters to lose at a more rapid, efficient rate with healthier results.

Companies that offer a wide variety of organic products:

Individual Products and Brands:

  • Deodorants

Thai Stick, There deo stick, crystal deodorant (wet crystal and apply), baking soda

  • A Lotions and Dry Skin

Coconut oil, plain mineral oil (has no nutritional value), most baby oils are mineral oils or try lotions/moisturizers with a mineral oil base.

  • A Eyelashes

Consider getting your eyelashes tinted to replace mascara, although most mascaras are not prohibited. Roux Lash And Brow Tint Kit in Brown and Black

  • Toothpaste

Tom’s toothpaste, baking soda, spry toothpaste, baking soda Tom’s of Maine

  • Soaps

Zest, Ivory and Dial, Jasons, baking soda Zest Bath Soap

  • Face Soaps and makeup removers

Jasons products

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Natures Gate Alovera, Aubrey Organics, Baking soda


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