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Sea Change In the News
From: Organic Style Organic Style Magazine – November-December, 2003
Excerpted from article: BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT
Erase Wrinkles the Natural Way
Acupuncture is replacing Botox for some people seeking wrinkle reduction
a??Facial rejuventation acupuncture (somes called an acupuncture facial or an acupuncture face-lift) was used in China as early as A.D. 960; now ita??s gaining popularity as a natural alternative to Botix, lasers, chemical peels, and surgery. a??Today people look for things outside their bodies to address their aging concerns,a?? says Deborah Musso, director of Sea Change New York in New York City. a??Ita??s healthier to approach problems from the inside out.a?? Using traditional techniques a?? in which needles are inserted into the skin of the face, feet, legs, wrists, and abdomen a?? facial rejuvenation acupuncture is used to treat puffy lids, crowa??s feet, laugh lines, and jowls. How does it feel? a??1a??m needle-phobic, but it hurts more to pluck your eyebrows,a?? says Judi Jurist, of New York City. a??Since the treatments, my skin glows, the puffiness under my eyes is going away, and my insomnia has been curtailed.a?? State-licensed acupuncturists must also be certified in the procedure.a??
a?? Suzanne Murray
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From: Spa Finder Spa Finder Magazine – May-June, 2004
Excerpted from article: IS A MEDICAL DAY SPA IN YOUR FUTURE?
a??WELLNESS MEDICAL SPASa??A troubled healthcare system is [also] cited as a reason that day spas with a holistic wellness philosophy are building a devoted following. “The focus of traditional medicine on the treatment of disease has nothing to do with a wellness lifestyle, which emphasizes the enhancement of the relationship between the body, mind and spirit,” says Deborah Musso, the director of Sea Change New York in New York City, which employs a team of wellness experts a?? including a naturopathic physician, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and massage therapists a?? to care for patients. Whether theya??re frustrated with traditional medical approaches, looking for solutions to chronic health problems, or wanting to get a handle on stress, more and more people are gravitating toward complementart modalities such as acupuncture, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and chiropractic. Their search often leads to a wellness spa, where these practices are routinely offered, sometimes alongside more traditional diagnostic testing and treatments, but more frequently as an alternative to them.

a??As might be expected, the appeal of the beauty services at wellness spas is that theya??re low-tech and naturally based. Instead of injecting Botox, needles are used during acupuncture face-lifts… At Sea Change New York, cellulite is smoothed via a three-part program that includes detoxofication, Chinese medicine, and lymphatic massage. “Of course, all these treatments are more successful when you embrace a wellness lifestyle,” says Musso.


a??Wellness centers and cosmetically oriented medical day spas differe in philosophy and purpose, but they have convenience in common… The efficiency of medical day spas is appealing, too. Youa??re rarely kept waiting for more than a few minutes, and youa??re able to schedule evening and weekend appointments…

a??As a rule, the ambience in medical days spas is soothing and seren, warm and welcoming… a??Things are different here, compared to a traditional medical office,a?? says Sea Changea??s Musso. a??Clients are nurtured from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.a?? a??Isna??t that what spas are all about?a??

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From: Spa Finder Spa Finder Magazine – January-February, 2003
Excerpted from article: Acupuncture: An ancient treatment for health & beauty
a??…In acupuncture, disposable hair-thin needles are inserted at precise points on the bodya??s surface to influnce physiological functioning. The 5,500-year-old Chines technique is said to unblock chi, the vital energy that must flow in sufficient quantity, in the correct balance, and without interruption to ensure mental and physical health. Chi is said to circulate through a network of invisible channels, or meridians, which correspond to specific organs; thus a needle in the wrist may treat a problem in the lungs.a??Acupuncture is reported to relieve such complaints as depression, menstrual cramps, fatigue, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, and the nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness and chemotherapy; ita??s also thought to be useful for overcoming addictive behavior. Though Western medicine doesna??t whole-heartedly embrace its theory, therea??s mounting evidence of acupuncturea??s effectiveness a?? especially in treating chronic pain. At the Sea Change New York in New York City, Nicole Coudouzaz, L.Ac. (licensed acupuncturist), uses it to relieve the spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.

a??Some day spas are using it in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. a??Ita??s an inside-out approach to beauty,a?? explains Deborah Musso, D.C (doctor of chiropractic), director of Sea Change New York, who says under-eye circles could be the result of a block in the kidney meridian, while saggy skin and jowls could be caused by a weakness in the liver meridian. She says the spaa??s Natural Acupuncture Face-Lift relaxes muscles and brightens skin…a?? a?? Karyn Repinski

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From: Women's Wear Daily Womena??s Wear Daily – September 7, 2001
Radical Regimens Set Off a Sea Change
a??NEW YORK – Sea Change New York, an alternative health care facility that places vibration and sound at the core of its healing philisophy, is located withing the construction epicenter of Chelsea.a??Ironic? Maybe. Or perhaps ita??s just bad yin to good yang.

a??To skeptics, Sea Change will connote merely another new-age, on-the-edge service destination in one of Manhattana??s hippest neighborhoods, half a dozen alternative health care shops already dot West 23rd Street, and others are surfacing.

a??But for those who are open to preventative natural therapies and willing to accept a philosophy that emerged over the course of 14 years by Dr Deborah Musso, a licensed chiropractor, Sea Change could serve as a viable health care alternative.

a??It also just might present some of the most unusual stress reduction and beauty regimens in town.

a??Consider the a??singing bowla?? meditation. The Tibetan practice is achieved by running a crystal quartz pestle along the rim of a bowl to create various melodic vibrations. Through guided meditation, the sound a??moves through its listeners, promoting relaxation and healing,a?? according to Musso.

a??Or take one of its more radical beauty treatments, like the Glacier Facial, a 70-minute procedure that includes both a deep cleansing mask, followed by a 5 to 10-minute facial massage with frozen ice a??globes.a??

a??So just where did the seeds of Mussoa??s hands-on, feel-the-vibe, yet, serious approach to health care get planted?

a??With her mentor, Dr. Donald Epstein, a chiropractor, who she began studying with soon after graduating New York Chiropractic College in 1987. Epstein, the developer of network spinal carea??a philosophy the adheres to the a??gentle toucha?? globes treatment of spinal carea??introduced Musso to his offshoot of chiropractic protocol.

a??During the past five years Mussoa??s appreciation of other forms of preventative natural therapies, such as massage and yoga, began to evolve. And ultimately, she incorporated these services into her former chiropractic practice, Stuyvesant Chiropractic Center, on 520 East 20th Street.

a??In 1999, she adopted the name Sea Change New York and in July 2000, Musso moved her healing model for 20th century health care, as she calls it, into a 2,100 square-foot office space on 31 West 26th Street. First-year sales for the newly relocated Sea Change, according to industry sources, were between $500,000 and $1 million.

a??The main entrance of Sea Change serves as a gift shop, reception area and a place where clients practice yoga. Fruit and herbal tea are offered; spicy scents and soft music eradicate any traditional medical feel.

a??Also offered here is a modest array of foreign, independent beauty brands amid wind chimes and meditation apparatus. Jurlique is one such line, which is manufactured in Australia. An aromatherapy line called Young Living Oil, made by self-proclaimed naturopath Gary Young, is also available.

a??The rest of the centera??s space is dedicated to treatment rooms where Mussoa??s staff of 18 works on clients.

a??Acupuncturists are certified in Chinese medicine. One of Sea Changea??s premiere offerings is thew acupuncture facelift, a treatment Musso claimed is working so well shea??s begun documenting results with before and after photographs.

a??a??We had a woman come in who… had some sort of dental surgery a long time ago, and literally left her with aconcave hole in her cheek. She didna??t want to go under the knife…or pay several thousands of dollars for [plastic surgery]. So she heard about us and came in. Within three treatments it was significant how much [the hole] changed,a?? Musso said.

a??Various types of massage are performed by therapists. Some combine hot and cold sea stones with Swedish and deep tissue massage. Others, like the dual drainage lymphatic massage, require two therapists, who work in tandem using gentle rhythmic massage strokes that a??enhance the function of the lymph system,a?? Musso said.

a??Naturopaths also offer their services at Sea Change, among which include overseeing a three-week detox program. The first-week clients are instructed to adjust to organic fruits and vegetables, ingest supplements and partake in beauty regimens at the center. The second-week clients go on a supplemental and liquid protein drink diet. The third-week clients revisit the organic fruit and vegetables diet. Group meetings and private sessions work in unison with the diet course.

a??Sometimes, innovators in the holistic healing world visit Sea Change to perform their self-invented treatments. Fabien Maman, for example, a classical musician turned vibrational acupuncturist, uses sound and light therapy via a tuning fork – rather than needles – through traditional acupressure body channels to free stress.

a??Musso performs network spinal care, a treatment that addresses the tension of the spinal cord or what Musso calls a??adverse mechanical cord tension,a?? with gentle light touches – leaps and bounds from chiropractic philosophy, she assured.

a??a??We dissolve spinal cord tension and allow the harmonics of the system to become what we call a??entrained.a??a?? Entrainment, under Mussoa??s definition, a??is when one rhythm surrenders to another eliciting the bodya??s self healing. self organizing properties.a??

a??Most patients receive an average of eight weeks of spinal network care treatment. Sea Change looks to change peoplea??s quality of life, not merely cure their symptoms. The center prides itself on bringing a number of practitioners together to work collaboratively on each patient.

a??a??We all have gifts to give,a?? Musso said. a??If I were working with someone doing network spinal care and I felt that a massage would help with her physiology, I would refer her [to someone at the center]. I would know what is going on so that we are on the same page together.a??

a??Prices, Musso said, a??are competitive and maybe even on the lower side. Because again, we dona??t want to make this a luxury item.a?? The Ice Blue Glacial facial is $110. The acupuncture facial is $195. Network spinal care is $150 for an initial consultation and $50 for follow-up sessions. Insurance plans are accepted at Sea Change for certain treatments. Additional services and prices can be found at the centera??s web site,

a??Currently, Musso is looking for venture capitalists to fund her five-year expansion plan, which includes opening five Sea Change locations worldwide. a??We want to bring this model to the world,a?? Musso said.a?? – Andrea M. Grossman

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From: TimeOut New York TimeOut New York – February, 2002
GLAMOUR PUSS – As cryotherapy, nonsurgical face-lifts and a gardena??s worth of vegetable extracts prove, the facial has gotten a makeover
a??Anyone whoa??s not had a facial in a while, listen up: They involve a lot more than masks, steam and extractions. The latest treatments for your face are distinguished by high-tech, sometimes wacky techniques-from wrinkle-reducing silver gloves to energy-channeling jade rollers. No matter what your beauty dilemma, therea??s a facial out there for you.a??ICE BLUE GLACIAL FACIAL AT Sea Change New York

a??Sea Changea??s philosophy, according to director Deborah Musso, is a??beyond spa,a?? because of its holistic aproach toward beauty. And the Glacier Facial is beyond faciala??a space-age treatment that incorporates chilly beauty globes, mini lightulb-looking doodads filled with a cold, azure liquid, which are intended to enbance facial tone, plus reduce puffy eyes and acne inflammation. But its not all about subzero temperatures: For 90 minutes, mild-mannered aestheician Carol Forsberg practically lulls me to sleep as she soothingly steams my face, swaddIes it in warm, wet cloths, and massages it with delicious salves-like a pumpkin-honey mask and soothing lavender lotion. The ice-blue part is the refreshing finale: ita??s chilly, but not painful or sticky the way ice cubes would be. Ita??s a surprisingly luscious feeling, even on this cold February afternoon.a??

Beth Greenfield
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From: – June 8, 2001
Going Under The Needle for The Sake of Beauty
Acupuncture Face-lifts Gaining Popularity a??June 8 – Acupuncture facelifts am gaining popularity for those seeking an alternative to surgery and who am willing to experience the power of cha??i in the name of beauty.a??Good Morning Americaa??s beauty adventurer Holly Millea underwent the procedure with acupuncturist Russell Korda. Deborah Musso, the director of the Sea Change New York in New York, explained how the system worked as Korda strategically placed the tiny needles on Milleaa??s face The needles are generally painless but they give some people a slight stinging sensation in sensitive areas.

a??Korda started out by giving Millea an assessment to check her constitution and see which energy channels are blocked so he could unblock them. a??Certain areas on the face are linked to internal organs,a?? Musso told Good Morning America. a??Sagging skin can be caused by weakness in the spleen and circles under the eye is often linked to liver or stomach weakness. So by putting needles in the pressure points relating to these organs, we can treat the underlying cause.a??

a??Acupuncture face-lifts were popular among the wealthy in China before the Communist takeover. Now, with aging Baby Boomers trying to stave off wrinkles, the technique is gathering steam again. The needle therapy can also be used to treat acne, lighten or erase freckles and age spots. The benefits: ita??s non-surgical, and doesna??t have side effects. a??Channel Your Inner Energy a??Acupuncture is based on the Taoist belief that two life forces, yin and yang, come together to produce a vital energy force called cha??i, which flows throughout the body along 14 pathways.

a??When the life forces are out of balance a person becomes ill, so the insertion of needles along the pathways is designed to stimulate various responses in the body, and encourage the release of endorphins and other healing chemicals. In the case of the acupuncture faclift, it is an opportunity to blend beauty and healing, Musso said. People under age 40 have a series of six weekly treatments, at a minimum, while those over 40 should get 10, she recommends. a??Cha??i No Match for Double Chin a??Results become visible after the third and fourth treatment, but then occasional maintenance is needed, Musso said. Acupuncture experts say that after the treatments fine lines are erased, deeper wrinkles are less noticeable, and the face has a youthful glow. But even they acknowledge that the results are not as dramatic as those achieved with traditional plastic surgery. If youa??ve got a double chin, or heavy jowls, acupuncture wona??t make a dent.

a?? to Musso, treatments cost between $175 and $300 and last about an hour. All acupuncturists need a license but to do an acupuncture facelift, they need additional certification.a??

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From: W Magazine W Magazine

a??The latest crop of aesthetic treatments can find you with two sets of hands on your back, painless pins in your head, and oils, oils, everywhere. a??On Pins and Needles a?? Acupuncture Face-lift at the Sea Change New York may make you look like you’re starring in a horror film, but by improving your circulation as well as helping to minimize the fine lines, this treatment could be just what the doctor ordered. Based not only on Chinese acupuncture, but also on japanese shiatsu and western neuromuscular massage, it works by pressing different therapeutic points on the body. (The pins penetrate one centimeter into your skin.) Although the process looks painful, it’s surprisingly calming, and you may end up falling asleep on the tablea??needles and all.a??31 West 26th Street, New York; 212.889.7300a??
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From: W Magazine Mode Magazine – June, 2001
Beauty Notebook: a??STICK IT TO ME, BABYa?? Shea??s already a certified cosmetics junkie. Now our beauty diva Jacqui Stafford goes for a different type of fix: an acupuncture face-lift
a??Ia??m having an holistic moment. Too much Enya or something, but Ia??m going all spiritual. I hear about an acupuncture facelift. a??Sign me up,a?? I say, tossing out the firming face cream I needed a mortgage to buy.a??I head to Manhattana??s Sea Change New York. Ita??s one of those tranquil, melt-away-worries, oasislike sanctuaries that makes you feel like you should be wearing open-toe sandals and clutching a crystal. My timing is impeccablea??Ia??m here the day of the most hideous storm in the history of the world, so Ia??m in more need of a stiff drink than a couple of needles.

a??The idiota??s guide (the only way I can comprehend) to acupuncture: Ita??s based on a centuries-old Far Eastern technique that releases the blockages of Qi (energy flow) by poking needles into various pressure points found along meridians (or channels) throughout the body. Whata??s the point of all these points? Unblocking the Qi makes you look and feel fabulous. Good enough for me.

a??For the facelift, a lot of needles will be inserted into my forehead. This is apparently going to balance me internally and rejuvenate my face. a??Right,a?? I say, still not quite sure how needles in my forehead will bequeath me with cheekbones I can cut my teeth on.

a??I meet Siu Ping Negrin, a National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine-certified and New York-licensed acupuncturist (phew!), who takes down my full medical history and positively oozes one of those doctor-whoa??s-going-to-sort-out-all-my-woes kind of auras. I can just feel that shea??s going to make me look about 12.

a??I lie down and she starts by gently inserting needles into my pressure points, which for me, happen to be around my ankles and wrists. Ia??m confused, unaware that my ankles need a facelift. a??Based on my assessment of each persona??s constitution, Ia??m putting them in the pressure points that correspond with the organs of the body,a?? Negrin tells me. a??Let me give you an example,a?? she says, noting the glazed expression. a??The spleen, in Chinese medicine, holds things in and up. If someonea??s face is sagging, it may lead me to think that the spleen is in disharmony. What I would do is place needles on pressure points to tonify their spleen, and therefore make it function better.a??

a??Strangely enough, as shea??s telling me all this, therea??s a distinct tingling in my wrist where shea??s placed a needle. a??Oh thata??s just the Qi grabbing,a?? she says matter-of-factly.

a??Ita??s all rather odd. Ia??m having visions of some maniac running around my veins, unclogging my rivers of energy.

a??Next, she inserts about 20 really tiny needles along my wrinkle lines all over my forehead, then adds six regular acupuncture needles at the start and end of each wrinkle (I need 26? Ia??m devastated.) Ia??m expecting it to hurt. I wince as she approaches with each needle, but I dona??t feel a thing. Ia??m one of those no-pain-no-gain kind of chicks, so Ia??m intrigued. a??Can I see?a?? I reach for a mirror. The view is somewhat startlinga??a Halloween cast extra stares back.

a??Negrin leaves the room so I can relax. I lie there, stifling a giggle and feeling faintly ridiculous at the thought of needles in my ankles, wrists, and forehead in the name of vanity. And yet the whole experience is so unbelievably calming, ita??s almost as if Ia??m forced to go with the flow (excuse the pun).

a??After 10 minutes, she removes each needle, and I reach for the mirror. Is there a huge difference? (No patience, of coursea??demand results immediately.) Well, surprisingly, perennial skeptic though I am, I have to admit that I do look remarkably refreshed. My face feels firmer, more supple, my complexion brighter, alert, as if Ia??ve had an extremely good nighta??s sleep. I look… well… yes, I have to say it… lifted. a??a??After the 5th or 6th treatment once a week, youa??ll see even more of a difference,a?? says Negrin. a??Then youa??ll just need maintenance every few months or so. Ita??s great at keeping your skin young and healthy, because it deals with disharmonies elsewhere in your body. Ia??m really treating your entire health, not just your face.a??

a??The whole concept of lifting is making me excited. I can see the need for the gym disappearing in a sea of needles. A final question a??Got any extra large ones for my boobs?a??

a??Acupuncture Face Lift at Sea Change New York
31 West 26th Street,
New York, NY 10010; 212-889-7300

$195 for 60 minutes
$975 for series of 6 treatmentsa??

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From: ESSENCE ESSENCE Magazine – April, 1999
Excerpted from article: CONSIDER THIS… Beauty Editor Mikki Taylor downshifts into wellness
a??Breathe Easy a??I have often been told by my youngest daughter to slow down and take a deep breath. I have to smile now because I just recently learned how myself. In my quest for wellness, I went to Manhattana??s Stuyvesant Chiropractic Center, a mind, body and fitness center thata??s a true oasis for healing. Dr. Deborah G. Musso, a network chiropractor, put me on the path by redirecting my breathing and doing some spinal adjustments. Musso, who told me I was just a??breathing to livea?? by inhaling only in my upper chest, taught me to stand tall and breathe deeply into my lower abdomen. The short breaths I was surviving on did my body a great disservice. Deep breathing refuels our bodies and calms and relaxes us by making us focus and slow down! a??Work it Out a??Finding the proper exercise routine was serious business for me. I lost interest years ago on a??no pain, no gaina?? plans that punish your body. With the help of Fran Sachs, the resident mind-body fitness therapist at Stuyvesant who conducts individual physical and emotional assessments, I found the strategy.a??a??Step Away a??While downshifting, I learned to step away from some things. I had to give up my 17-hour days of pushing my body like a machine and begin to get some rest. I also had to learn to say no, shorten my to-do list and, as Sachs advised, adopt an attitude of a??What I did today was enough.a??a??
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From: Jane Magazine Jane Magazine

a??Reflexology is based on the idea that every part of your body has a corresponding one in the foot, and rubbing your feet feels really good. When Maria from NYCa??s Sea Change New York rubbed below my big toe, I asked, *?Whata??s that?a?? She said, a??Your neck and shoulders.a?? Suddenly everything made sense in the world, and I felt so amazing that for days I didna??t get irritated by all the annoying people I know.a?? – Katy a??Feet Mea?? McColl
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From: Town & Village Town & Village – Thursday, June 21, 2001
a??Local doc helps America wake up to new look
a??Neighborhood chiropractor Dr. Deborah Musso and acupuncturist, Russell Kordas, were guests on Good Morning America recently.a??Mussoa??director of Sea Change New Yorka?? and Russell were invited on the show by host, Diane Sawyer, to explain and demonstrate the Sea Change Acupuncture Facelift.

a??Acupuncture facelifts are gaining popularity for those seeking an alternative to surgery and who are willing to experience the power of unblocking chi energy and tiny needles to reduce and tighten sagging skin, decrease dark circles under eyes, increase circulation, erase freckles and age spots and treat acne.

a??The Sea Change New York, located at 31 West 26th Street, is offering a special introductory Acupuncture Facelift and Cleansing Facial package for $242.00. normally $285.00.

a??For more information, call 889-7300 or log onto

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From: Crain's Craina??s New York Business – July 17-23, 2000 Special Report: Healthcare – A Guide to New York Area
Companies and Service Providers
a??OUTPATIENT FACILITIES (listings) a??Sea Change New York 31 W. 26th St., second floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 889-7300 a??Dr. Deborah Musso, network chiropractor/dir.
a??Offers vitalistic healing services for health, vitality and wholeness. Therapies include network spinal care, acupuncture, herbology, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, holistic massage and facials, movement and medicine, and more.
On and off-site private and group treatments, classes and workshops.a??
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From: Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Magazine

Excerpted from article: Touch Me! Whoa??d have thought that simply being touched could be one of the best beauty treatments?
a??Beauty Globes – Ultimate Faciala??Feel like a penguin. At Sea Change New York in New York City, the facialist massages your face with blue porcelain lightbulbs filled with ice. You leave glowing (Glacier Facial, $110 for 75 minutes). At home: order the Blue Beauty Bulbs ($40 at
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From: Marie Claire Marie Claire Magazine

Excerpted from article: EASY HOW-TOS GET PERFECT SKIN – 10 tips for flawless skin by Jody Buffalo
a??New Complexion Correctors a??If your skin is perpetually flaky, it may be dehydrated,a?? says aesthetician Maggie Wolfson of NYCa??s Sea Change New York, who advises taking a flaxseed-oil supplement daily (available at health-food stores). This essential fat helps the skin cells retain oil.a??
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Sea Change Press Releases


Martha Stewart | Whole Living | Body+Soul – March 2006
Excerpted from article:
7 Day Cleansing Diet 
HEALTHY DETOXa??Rid your diet of allergens and additives, rethink your approach to food, and gain energya??all in the course of a week. what better way to start spring?

a??I’ve always been attached to my last namea??so much so that I never even considered changing it when I got married. But only recently did its literal meaning (“little goat,” in Russian) come to have personal resonance. In the course of detoxing for the first time, I spent 21 days eating much as one of my namesakes. Millet, oats, quinoaa??you name the crop, I probably grazed on it. Stranger still, I loved it.

a??At the outset, I fell somewhere between neutral and skeptical on the idea of detoxing. My curiosity had nonetheless led me to Sea Change Healing Center, a holistic health and healing facility in New York City. As I began to experience the ways in which dietary sacrifice can actually pay off, I became a shockingly quick convert. Within the first week, I developed paranormal energy reserves, the likes of which I hadn’t seen since kindergarten. I would spring out of bed at the crack of dawn with more vigor and exhilaration than I knew what to do with. More than anything, I felt unprecedentedly, indescribably healthy.a??

Read the complete article…

TimeOut New York

TimeOut New York – March, 2003
Excerpted from article:
Does sticking to a strict detox diet really make you feel healthier? TONY tries a 21-day liver cleanse to find out.By Farrin Jacobs

a??You’re not going to drink for three weeks?a??

a??That was the first thing my sister said when I told her I was doing the 21-day “New You” detoxification program, offered monthly at Sea Change Healing Center (31 W 26th St; 212-889-7300;, a holistic health-care venue in Chelsea. Although I could hardly believe it myself, that was the plan. Even more disturbing: no coffee for three weeks. Nor was I going to eat wheat, dairy, citrus, sugar, soy, meat…. The list went on. You name it; I wouldn’t be eating it unless it was a Sea Change-approved food.

a??The point of such brutal deprivation, according to Maria Ciuferri, the naturopathic physician monitoring the cleanse, is to purge your body of harmful toxinsa??which can come from the chemicals in food additives or natural bacteria. When your body is running smoothly, it neutralizes toxins in the liver and then shuttles them out through the intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. But sometimes the liver gets overloaded and needs a resta??hence, the detox. Ciuferri claims that once we clean out our system (which, she says, takes three weeks), we’ll feel rejuvenated: more energetic, more on the ball, have clearer skin and fewer PMS symptoms.a??

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ITa??S TIME – Take An Alternative Look in The Mirror

The Natural Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Treatment
Recently many high-tech beauty treatments have been touted as the latest anti-aging skincare panaceas. With a promise of a more youthful luster and dewy complexion woman are undergoing laser treatments, chemical peels or dermabrasion to smooth the skin, remove acne scars, erase wrinkles and present a more polished and younger looking face. The explosive popularity of Botox a?? to paralyze muscles and erase wrinkles has become as commonplace as a Pilates Class.But there is a down-side to all the headline news a?? permanent facial paralysis/neuropathies, burns, pain, blisters, no studies on the long-term effects — not to mention a serious dent in the wallet (and in the case of Botox, an addiction to repeating the procedure over and over again for a less than natural look).

There is however an alternative remedy to erase the hereditary legacy of puffy lower lids, remove puffy under eye bags, relinquish crows feet and diminish frown and laugh lines. Ita??s safe, painless and natural and offered at Sea Change New York. Ita??s called the Natural Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation.

Forget the hype of high-end cosmeceuticals, heavy-duty make-up to cover-up, and cost prohibitive plastic surgery procedures. A relatively simple series of treatments (and an occasional touch-up session) can erase years from the facea?? effortlesslya??and with bonus health and wellness benefits as well.

The SCNAF addresses many of the important issues women want to change; wrinkles, puffiness, collagen loss, eye sags and bags, crowa??s feet, neck rings, pigmentation spots, frown creases, and muscle tone a?? all in an non-invasive way.

The SCNAF also improves circulation of blood and chi, reduces muscular stress (a primary cause of premature aging), improves hormonal balance, nourishes the skin with increased circulation, helps delay hair loss and graying, benefits breathing and sinuses, thyroid and brain function, and promotes overall health and well-being.

Sea Change even offers special package combos. One bundles a Natural Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatment with their exclusive Glacier Facial for the ultimate in rejuvenating anti-aging treatments. Another combines the two with a consultation with a Naturopathic Physician to investigate the core issues behind premature aging and identify how diet, stress and overall health play an important role in skincare.

Facial Acupuncture balances a bodya??s basic constitutional needs while rejuvenating the face. The Natural Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatment is based on techniques used for centuries throughout the Far East. Fine needles are placed at various pressure points on the face, neck and eyes to stimulate chi energy. 
The Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation can be very effective in reducing wrinkles and creases, firming sagging loose skin, reducing puffy eyes, improving circulation of blood and chi, releasing areas of muscular stress and tension of the face and neck. 
At Sea Change, treatment will involve assessment of the clienta??s general constitution, identifying channel disharmonies and weakness. Acupuncture treatment begins with needling of distal points to support and tonify weaknesses or deficient areas. (Distal points are those points below elbow and knees). Then treatment is applied to the facial area. Location of some points is based on palpation of the area to determine point location. Shiatsu or acupressure massage is then applied after the needles are removed to increase circulation and relieve stress. 
While all the needles used are disposable and sterilized acupuncture needles, very short tack-like needles are also used in an Acupuncture Face-lift. These are inserted with the aid of a pair of tweezers and are multi-colored flat-faced needles whose depth of insertion is 2-4 mm. These needles are used in treating the lines and wrinkles on the face. The needles used to treat the acupuncture points on the face and along the regular acupuncture points of the body are usually 30-40 mm long, yet are inserted no more than one cm.Natural Acupuncture treatments usually begin holding after 4-6 weeks, treating once a week. The price of one treatment is $195.00. A series of six treatments is $975.00.
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It is the most advanced facial treatment for radiant, healthy skin. Incorporating Cryotherapy (the therapeutic use of cold), this cleansing and relaxing anti-aging facial is performed with special aromatic formulas and personalized for skin type and special needs. It includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing and exfoliation, hydrating steam, aromatic facial, dA(C)colletage, neck, shoulder and spinal massage, revitalizing mask, skin reconditioning and the ageless technique of Cryotherapy.The Ice Blue Glacier Facial is a Sea Change New York signature treatment and utilizes the ageless techniques practiced in European spas and by beautiful, healthy woman worldwide.
The two blue beauty globes that are frozen and used in a sequence of movements around the face to exercise the facial muscle in an extraordinary way. These ice globes enhance facial tone and progressively develop the elastic-energetic potential of the skin. These globes combined with Sea Changea??s Cryotherapy workout helps to tighten the skin, reduce puffy eyes, diminish fine lines and maintains a glowing and more youthful complexion. 
All the facial and skin care treatments at SEA CHANGE include a mini spinal massage to release tension and stress stored in the bodya??s system, and set the stage for receiving the ultimate experience of health and healing.The GLACIER FACIAL, and all the treatments offered at SEA CHANGE, are not just for luxury and leisure, but a necessity to maintain health and vitality in todaya??s fast-paced, stress-filled world.

The cost of the GLACIER FACIAL is $110.00 for 75 minutes.

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Contact: Carol A. Ientile C.I. Visions Public Relations 212.477.4755