Bloated? Gassy? 8 Reason your Stomach Hurts and how to feel better FAST!

Bloated?A Gassy?

8 Reason your Stomach Hurts and how to feel better FAST!

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Want to make a??stomachachesa?? a feeling and nuisance of the past?A Tired of missing work-outs, feeling irritable, passing on various activities, and having to avoid certain food because of stomach pain?

You do?A Dona??t eata?|Dona??t stressa?|Dona??t drink alcohola?|oh and make certain that you dona??t have a family history of digestive challenges.A AND, dona??t ever miss your regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments! (Best tip of alla?|)A Ok, aside from the last suggestion, the rest are unrealistic, right?

Fortunately, you dona??t have to go to such extremes to feel better.A WHEW!

If you or someone you know DOES suffer from regular stomach discomfort there is hope:

Your very first step is to alert me the next time youa??re in (if youa??re loved one has never connected with me, see their very special invitation below) and if we havena??t done a scan/re-exam within the past 3 months, leta??s do one.A Perhaps there are patterns that will give more in depth clues as to the cause of your stomach pain and nuisance.A Even if youa??re feeling that you would rather keep it to yourself, please, know that I am here to help you and suffering even for a day is pointless.

Did you know that there are certain habits that you can immediately become aware of and change to drastically reduce your incidence of stom ach pain, bloated ness, and/or gassy-ness?A Feeling better IS easier than you may think.A Take inventory of these possible stomach pain triggers:

Do you choose to take over-the-counter remedies in place of making wiser food choices?
Yes, habitual use of antacids, acid-reflux medications and more WILL eventually catch up with you and can, most assuredly, lead to Barretta??s Esophagus which is a pre-cancerous condition in your esophagus.A Righta?|NOT good!

There are specific foods-namely citrus fruits, tomatoes, and tomato sauces, chocolate, wine, and caffeinated beverages-that trigger unwanted stomach pain and even Gastroesophegeal Reflux Disease.A A Baylor College of Medicine study found that people who at high-fiber diets (at least 20 grams per day) were twenty percent less likely to suffer from GERD and annoying stomach pain.

2.A Are you STRESSED beyond belief?
Ever wonder why you feel you must run to the bathroom just before a pressing engagement, a fight with your spouse, or other period of intense anxiety?A When wea??re frazzled, elevated levels of stress hormones activate the normal contractions of both your stomach and colon, causing them to go into spasms, according to Dr Patricia Raymond, a GI Doctor at Eastern Virginia Medical School.A Stress hormones also lead to the overproduction of stomach acid, making you more susceptible to GERD and stomach pain.

When you know youa??re going to have a very stressful day, plan to eat regular small meats so that youa??re not too hungry or too full.A Also avoid over-indulging in caffeine on those tough days.A All of these will trigger stomach upset and leave you having an even harder day.

Youa??ll also find tremendous relief if you just get moving.A < /span>Plan to exert yourself as often as possible to stimulate the release of healthy hormones like endorphins. Exercise will also decrease the likelihood of constipation by speeding up the movement of food through your digestive tract.

3.A Do you feel like you have a most sensitive bowel?
If you have had intestinal pain for more than three months, you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).A Almost guaranteeda?|.youa??re stress pattern in your low back, pelvis, sacrum or pubis is a contributing factor.A Come in and get checked.A Ita??s certainly a very easy step towards feeling healthy again!

I also recommend that you check out Whole Foods or Trader Joea??s for peppermint oil capsules.A These capsules have been shown to relax the colon thus helping to relieve those unwanted symptoms.

4.A Do you pay a huge price after consuming dairy?
About 25% of women have trouble digesting lactose, a sugar found naturally in dairy products like milk, ice cream, and soft cheeses.A The easiest way to tell if youa??re lactose intolerant is to cut out all dairy for two weeks.A During your dairy-free weeks, determine if you experience less gassiness, bloating, and less discomfort.A If symptoms improve during your two-week trial, guess what, therea??s a strong chance that youa??re lactose intolerant.A Thankfully, there are many lactose-free products available today at our local grocery stores.A In addition, dairy products really dona??t provide great nutrition to our bodies anyway.A And they are not a great source for Calicum, better choice, choose Greens!

5.A While it may seem crazy to ask, are you eating too MUCH fruit?

Interestingly, a University of Kansas Medical Center study found that almost half of all patients complaining of unexplained gas and bloating after having 25 grams of fructos e (the natural sugar found in fruit) were fructose-intolerant.A CRAZYa?|I know!A Some individualsa?? bodies are in such need of repair and healing that they are unable to properly digest fructose properly.A This is especially true if it seem that all of a sudden a food allergy or intolerance has crept into your life or someone you love.A This definitely calls for a comprehensive investigation as to the areas of interference in your bodya??s functioning.A Dona??t wait another daya?|call today so that we can quickly get to the bottom of any such malady.A Therea??s not one legitimate reason that I can think of for your suffering when solutions are readily available.A Are you with me?A * Note that apples and bananas are fruits that are especially high in fructose.A Before giving up fruit completely, try spreading your fruit consumption out over the entire day instead of all in one sitting.

6.A Can chewing gum really leave me feeling BLAH?
Believe it or not, chomping on gum is a big cause of stomach problems.A Dr Christine Frissora notes, a??You often swallow lots of air when chewing gum, which can create gas and bloating.a??A In addition, some sugarless gums contain the sweetener Sorbitol which in just small amounts can contribute to swelling in the belly.A a??Sorbitol pulls water into your large intestine which can cause bloating and in high enough doses, can cause diarrhea,a?? Dr Frissora states.

7.A Can the a??fields of graina?? be causing your pain?
Maybe youa??re gluten intolerant?A This is also known as Celiac Disease.A Individuals with gluten intolerance experience an auto-immune reaction that is ignited when they eat gluten (found in wheat, rye, and in many packaged products).A Their bodies produce antibodies that attack the villi, tiny hair like projections in the small intestine that absorb vitamins, minerals, and water.A Over time, these villi are damaged causing abdominal cramping, bloating, and preventing the necessary absorption of nutrients.A This leaves one more susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as makes one ripe for osteoporosis and anemia.A YIKES-a properly functioning body NOW is the best way to guarantee your health!A What is YOUR wellness quotient?A I can help!

8.A Can being overweight cause stomach pain, bloating, and gassiness?
You betchaa?|and I dona??t believe I need to list the other major health problems associated with being over weight.A The list is IMMENSE AND preventable!

Did you know that being overweight can leave you more susceptible to developing gallstones?A Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or calcium salts that can cause severe pain in your right upper abdomen.A Excess weight also leads to an increased risk for GERD.A One study published by Baylor College of Medicine found that overweight people were 50 percent more likely to have GERD than those at a healthy weight.A Extra weight puts pressure on the valve between your stomach and your esophagus, thus making is easier for acid to back up and cause you pain.A UGH!

a??I have been receiving NSA care for over 10 years and feel that it is the #1 reason for my state of wellness! NSA keeps me connected to how I feel and allows me to maintain the highest levels of health and well being. I view NSA as preventative healthcare and I follow a regular maintenance plan using the protocol as consistent exercise for my body, mind and spirit. When I receive consistent NSA entrainments, I am at my peak performance in my work, my relationships with others and most importantly with myself. NSA has also helped me to overcome the serious issues of a persistent colitis condition, lifelong struggle with weight management and an active busy lifestyle overtaxed with stress.a?? ~ Carol I.

Perhaps youa??re like me and completely convinced that NOW is the time to take massive action to be a??fit.a?? Delay has a substantial price especially with each additional year on our a??age score.a??A A If youa??re truly ready, excited, and determined to conquer the a??Battle of the Bulgea?? once and for all, email me.A I want to help you make your dreams become your reality.A A Even if you dona??t struggle with a??bulginga?? but KNOW that your exercise and nutritional habits are not contributing to your best, contact me.A Today is the PERFECT day to make a shift.A Wea??ll do it together-seeking PERMANENT changes!A Contact me via my private email address at or call my office at 212-889-7300 or 631-899-4445.A Leta??s create strategies that you will stick to and have VICTORY!A Ia??m with you every step of the way\!

If youa??re reading this and have been able to identify solutions that are just right for you, please let me know.A I LOVE to celebrate in membersa?? victories!A Email me at I cana??t wait to hear from you.

In addition, if you have questions, concerns, or insights that you want my feedback on, simply call me at 212-889-7300 or send me an email.A Want to get checked?A I DEFINITELY wa nt to help you.A Just call or email me today.A I will try my very best to squeeze you in with rapid speed!A Youa??re worth it!

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Living Abundantly Well,

Dr. Deborah Musso